About Nick McCray

Nick McCray is the Founder of McCray Fitness Systems. An astute student of all things sports and exercise science, he stands about among others in his industry through his unique combination and delivery of knowledge, passion, and genuine care and empathy for his clients. Mentored and certified by some of the best talent in the strength, sports performance, and fitness industry, he strives to bring those powerful tools to you; because through hard work, intelligent exercise, and nutrition, your life can change forever.

Nick has a burning passion for health, strength and fitness, with an equally matched desire to train and educate as many people as possible on how to attain and maintain the health, performance, fitness and body of their dreams.

As a teenager, Nick lost eighty pounds and in so doing, changed his life for the infinitely better. This profound change awakened within him his desire and gratification to help others realize that they too can realize these changes for their own body.

Nick began his career in personal training in 2013 with a supervised internship at Bayside Barbell, a sports performance and strength training gym, where he was able to observe and receive detailed instruction on the in’s and out’s, do’s and do not’s, and the unique blend of art and science that is personal training under owner Chris Bartl. He worked with clients in private as well as in groups, from everyday people looking to lose weight and tone up, to college athletes preparing to enter the pro’s, to senior citizens who have to safely exercise around (and to fight) the unique conditions that we suffer from as we age.

Since then, Nick has invested his time into three personal training certifications, as well as independent continuing education.