Congratulations NPC Bikini competitor Meagan Michalko!

Have you ever had an itch to experience the intense feelings involved with competition? To take your training to the next level in preparation? Competition is an experience quite unlike any other, and the journey toward it is often a humbling, yet empowering one.

I encourage anybody who has ever thought of competing to just give it a shot. In whatever it is you do! People seldom regret it, as Ms. Michalko can tell you.

Great job Meagan! You brought an amazing package to the table and I couldn’t be more proud of you. You worked hard over the last 10 weeks and not just through the grueling hours in the gym, but in the kitchen as well. You are proof that women are capable of not just great beauty but feats of strength as well. You are an inspiration to many people that want to change their body’s and their lives. Keep up the hard work!

Expeto Fortitudo – Desire and Strive for Strength.