Michaela , Powerlifting

A female lifter initiates a wide stance deadlift perfectly.

A powerlifting client initiating her sumo deadlift pull.

When I first worked with McCray Fitness Systems, I knew I wanted to keep going. I was happy to find that he is flexible and willing to come up with a custom package that fits my budget. I learned many important things about training by working with Nick of MFS, for example:
-I can approach training as a longer term goal, where not every session needs to be “heavy,” but every training session needs full effort to get the most out of it.
– I also felt there was a good balance of attention paid to warm ups, primary lifts, and accessory exercise that made it feel like the ‘complete’ package.
– I felt that my money was well invested, because he not only told me what to do, but how and most importantly why. So I valued the training and felt more empowered and confident in my lifting methods.

If I had to say what I liked most about McCray Fitness Systems, it would be his entire approach to powerlifting. I felt I had a combination of mental and physical coaching. I was able to push myself to heavier reps, while keeping technique as an important factor to constantly improve on. Nick motivated me in each training session, while also taming my ego to see the bigger picture of progress.

I also really enjoyed the variation in training methods. From free weights, to barbell lifts, to band work, the training plans written out to follow, it made training feel well-rounded . It shows he is knowledgeable, and able to create a realistic plan that he is confident in, so I can follow it with confidence as well. It also got me out of my comfort zone in the gym. Last but not least, the sprint workouts. While I don’t do them so much with lifting now, they were challenging and I saw myself improve. Plus it gave great physical results.

I would recommend McCray Fitness Systems because he is versatile and able to train and make programs for people with different goals. Whether it’s to tone up, improve athletic performance, or train for a fitness competition, I believe he could do any of it smart and effectively.